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Don’t Touch My Prostate

April 4, 2013 / no comments, on Men's Health, Newsletter, Products

Don’t Touch My Prostate
The breakthroughs in ‘Don’t Touch My Prostate!’ A Man’s Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer — No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects can lift the prostate cancer curse for you, your family, even your friends, just as they have for thousands of others. See what those folks already know: how safely and easily you can beat prostate cancer and enjoy a healthy prostate, powerful sex drive, strong bladder control and the active life you deserve for years to come.

Imagine watching seven of your friends die from prostate cancer and then wondering if youre going to be the next one facing a death sentence…That is exactly what happened to John S. Guys he served with in Vietnam suddenly started dropping like flies from prostate cancer. Seven men from his platoon died of the dreaded disease. In 2002 John thought his number was up, just like his buddies before him. A biopsy of Johns prostate showed 10 out of 12 tissue samples were full of cancer. His Gleason Scores, which show how aggressive the cancer is, were a high 6 and 7. In his own words… I was advised that even with surgery and radiation, I would need a miracle to survive. But the doctors were wrong. There WAS hope. Eighteen months later, John called family and friends with great news: My terminal prostate tumor is shrinking! Thats unheard of with advanced prostate cancer when it is treated with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. But John didnt use any of the treatments his conventional doctors recommended. Instead, he tried an amazing natural prostate cancer breakthrough prized in top alternative cancer clinics around the world. Four years later, when conventional doctors said hed be dead, John was very much alive. And without a single sign or symptom of prostate cancer. Even better, he suffered absolutely no side effects. What this means is that you can cure your prostate cancer but keep your prostate, your sex drive and your bladder all in working order so youll never be impotent and in diapers. Dont Touch My Prostate! A Mans Guide to Curing Prostate Cancer No Scalpels, Radiation or Side Effects gives you the whole story. The all-natural discovery that saved John is only the beginning of the cures youll discover including… The sound wave breakthrough thats melting away early prostate tumors and proving effective in 9 out of 10 men…The remarkable at-home treatment that puts prostate cancer cells on a starvation diet. It cured Herbs incurable prostate cancer in just 10 months…The nutritional breakthrough praised by Hollywood stars that saved a television action hero from prostate cancer hes been cancer-free for 30 years and counting… The natural treatment that sent Bills terminal prostate cancer packing in six months. Its so powerful, it led a conventional oncologist to declare CANCER IS EASILY CURABLE … The ocean wonder that transforms prostate cancer cells from deadly to harmless… The trace mineral that does what big Pharmas drugs cant boosts the all-important tumor-fighting compound interferon. Plus, youll discover the Harvard M.D.s early-detection test that can detect prostate cancer or any cancer up to 19 months earlier than it could ever be picked up by your doctor… How to know if youve got a prostate tumor without a painful, dangerous biopsy…How serious is your prostate cancer? Some strains of prostate cancer are slow moving but others are so aggressive they can drain the life out of you faster than a vampire in a horror movie. Now you can tell the difference… Then, do you really have prostate cancer, or something else? 50 percent of all men with high PSAs actually have a very common prostate problem thats often overlooked by doctors. (I dont mean BPH) The good news is, its easy to treat…But if you do have BPH many men do youll find new help for that too. Discover the natural treatment thats gone head to head with finasteride in a clinical study and was proven just as effective! Best of all, while finasteride can leave you with uncomfortable side effects, this treatment tested side effect free! Order your copy today.



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